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Carolyn Leigh: Artist's book series

[Barrio del Sur: 24k]

My books are my canvas. I like intense colors and dynamic forms that pass through the time and space of my art. The sculptural dimensions of books, plus the fourth dimension of time as the pages are turned, balance variation and continuity.

Books are secrets shared between us, waiting to be touched, opened and discovered again and again. I invite you to hold my world in your hands.

Figure 1: Barrio del Sur (Barrio y Calle series), UCLA Library Special Collections.

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[House of Card 08.04.08: 60k]

Barrio y Calle - individual books and the Calle Sin Sombras and House of Cards series.
These books are inspired by urban streets and neighborhoods.
Books are in the collections of the University of California Santa Barbara, the University of California Los Angeles, the University of Southern California, Lafayette College, Texas Tech, the University of California San Diego, the University of Michigan and Cal Poly. more on Barrio y Calle | artist's books catalog

Figure 2: House of Cards 08.04.08 (Barrio y Calle series).

[Out of the Ark: Raven's Flight: 39k]

Out of the Ark: Raven's Flight and Land of the Dove - two series of artist's books based on the Biblical story of Noah's ark.
Books are in the collections of the University of Arizona and the University of California, Los Angeles. more on Out of the Ark | artist's books catalog

Figure 3: Out of the Ark: Raven's Flight.

[Primary Faces: 33k]

Painted Faces: Nightfall Faces, Primary Faces, Harlequin Faces - three series of miniature books about the changing perceptions of spirits and their significance in human culture.
Books are in the collections of the Ringling School of Art & Design, Rhode Island School of Design, Dartmouth College, University of North Carolina, University of San Diego, UC Santa Barbara Arts Library and the Phoenix Public Library. more on Painted Faces | artist's books catalog

Figure 4: Primary Faces (Painted Faces series).

[Portals on Camino de Oeste accordian case open showing books: 20k]

Portals on Camino de Oeste - limited edition, collaborative work with Paper Portals, Book Artists' Collaborative.
Copies are in the collections of the University of Arizona, Texas Tech, the University of Iowa, the University of Denver and the public libraries of Newark, New Jersey and Cerrillos, California. more on Portals | artist's books catalog

Figure 5: Portals on Camino de Oeste, an award-winning work based on a walk by the 6 artists in Camino de Oeste Wash, Tucson Mountains, AZ.

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