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Zen stones balance in the arroyo mostly seco.
Our meditations on equilibrium in the Tucson Mountain Chaos.
Grey granite improbably poised on point in a pink flow of rhyolite intrusion.
Boulders turned to ballerinas
wait for monsoon dancing waters to spin them tumbling round.
Sometimes the spoiler comes first, destroyer, scatterer of our stones.
We rebuild, rebalance.
There are plenty of stones - and more who build than who destroy.

Current exhibitions plus public collections and publications

[CeLe with BirdMan Over Borderlands at Burning Man: 102k]

Crossing Cultures, Adventure, Art Along the Pacific Rim: join us as we traveled with stories, photos and art at our site

Adobe guesthouse: short-term vacation rental by the month, Tucson, Arizona, USA

About me and friends who nurtured me, especially Don Sayner and Martha Simpson Eastlake

CeLe (my Burner name) with BirdMan Over Borderlands, acrylic on mural canvas, Burning Man Center Camp, 2016.

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[Harlequin Faces, miniature book: 29k]

Day of the Dead prints, history, animations Day of the Dead skeleton Day of the Dead skeleton

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My other websites are featuring our art and artifacts from New Guinea, Indonesia and China, plus from the Pacific Rim: art and adobe brick, Mexico, the American Southwest, poetry, fiction and food.

[tattoo with faces: 22k]

Digital sketch folios
digital 1 | digital 2

Carolyn Leigh Studios presents:

[Art Dealer in the Last Unknown, Ron Perry and New Guinea Art, the early years, 1963 - 1974, by Carolyn Leigh and Ron Perry: 193k]

Art Dealer in the Last Unknown
Ron Perry and New Guinea Art
the early years: 1964 - 1973

by Carolyn Leigh and Ron Perry

Join Ron in the jungles of New Guinea on his search for tribal art

320 pages of adventure, over 450 early photographs

Read a chapter preview from Art Dealer in the Last Unknown

Order at

"Who else can tell you these stories?" Raymond Weilgus
"Beautifully written...." Don Carson, retired head of the School of Journalism, University of Arizona

Are you looking for a great loom?
Glimakra Aktiv Countermarch 54" Loom for Sale
8 harness/8 pedal, metal beams - perfect for rugs, fine weaves and yardage.

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